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14 Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Clients

Gift-giving season is here, presenting sales professionals with an always-vexing question: What gifts should you get for clients? Before you despair (or purchase an uninspired paper weight that will gather dust), consider these great gift ideas:

1) Coffee and tea blends

Coffee and tea are so universally beloved that this gift is a pretty good bet. Most offices have coffee machines, but the coffee usually isn’t of very high quality. By giving clients luxury coffee and tea blends, they can get their caffeine fix in a truly enjoyable way.

Bean Box Sampler ($24 for one month)
Peet’s Holiday Signature Collection Tea Chest ($29)
Craft Coffee Gift Coffee Subscriptions ($29.99 and up)

2) Terrarium

Terrariums are trendy right now, and it’s not hard to see why. They offer the aesthetic value of plants and flowers, without any of the maintenance typically required. With this gift, you can give your clients their own miniature garden for their office or home—perfect for getting through these last few months of winter. 

A variety of options are available, including terrariums that can be hung from the wall or ceiling. There are even terrarium kits available for crafts-inclined people.

Pottery Barn Live Airplant Terrarium Garden ($34.99)
NCYP Brass Glass Geometric Terrarium ($22.98)
Cute Farms Terrarium Starter Kit ($15.95)

3) Gourmet food basket

The holiday season is a time to indulge in great food, which is one reason why gourmet food baskets are a classic holiday gift. Like coffee blends, this gift has the benefit of being easily shareable by an entire office. Many food basket providers allow personalization options.

Harry & David Moose Munch Premium Popcorn Holiday Box ($19.99)
The Fruit Company Mixed Fruit Medley Gift Box ($34)
Gift Tree Sincerest Greetings Gourmet Gift Basket ($39.95)

4) Pocket notebooks

In our digital world, a high-quality notebook is a special (and practical) gift. For maximum portability, gift your client a pocket-sized notebook that they can easily use to take notes at meetings, write to-do lists, or even write down that novel that’s been floating around in their head.

Wanderings Small Leather Pocket Notebook ($17.99)
POROMO Refillable Leather Notebook with Pen and Holder ($29.99)

5) Pens

While most of us rely on cheap, mass-produced pens, writing with a luxury pen just feels better. Pens also offer great opportunities for personalization. (And who doesn’t enjoy an object with their name on it?)

Personalized Alderwood Pen Set ($26.99)
IDEAPOOL Luxury Ballpoint Pen Writing Set ($11.75)
Cross Edge Capless Gel Ink Pen ($32.92)

6) Portable chargers

It’s an eternal challenge: how to keep your devices charged while on the go? For peripatetic clients, a wireless pocket-sized charger is a gift that will be used every day. The best portable chargers can charge multiple devices at the same time, permanently solving all battery-related woes.

EasyAcc Power Bank Charger ($19.99)
Anker PowerCore 10000 ($31.99)

7) Indoor putting green

For clients who love golf, an indoor putting green is a great gift. A putting green will enable your clients to enjoy golf year-round, now matter how busy their work schedule becomes. Modern putting green include special features to help golfers improve their swing so they can crush it at the course. Some putting greens even return the ball automatically.

SKLZ Accelerator Pro ($33.99)
AllGreen Pacific Professional Portable Golf Putting Green ($26.60)

8) Spa gift cards

The holiday season is wonderful, but it’s also stressful. By giving your client a spa gift card, you can allow them to enjoy a well-deserved break for a massage or another spa treatment. This isn’t just a unique gift, but an experience.

Massage Envy gift card (variable price)
SpaFinder gift card (variable price)

9) Restaurant gift cards

Treat your clients to a group holiday meal by giving a gift card at one of your favorite local restaurants. The great thing about this gift is that you’re not just giving them great food, but a memorable experience with friends, family, or coworkers.

10) Food box subscription

For a gift that your client will enjoy well past January 1, consider giving a subscription to a food box. Meal kit subscription boxes lets your client enjoy a home-cooked meal with minimal effort, while also allowing them to explore new foods and cooking techniques. If that’s still too much cooking for your client, other food box options are also available.

HelloFresh classic box ($59.94)
MunchPak snack box ($9.95 a month and up)
Cravory Cookies subscription box ($9.95 a month and up)

11) Electronics organizer bag

Most of us have multiple devices, chargers, and associated accessories. Keeping track of all those cords can be a challenge. Simplify your client’s life by giving them an organizer that allows them to keep everything in one place. This is a particularly good choice for clients who travel a lot.

Amatory Electronics Organizer ($19.99)
Cocoon Black Organizer ($19.99)

12) Toiletry bag

Staying organized can also be annoying when it comes to toiletries. A nice toiletry bag makes it easy to prepare for a trip. High-quality toiletry bags should include separate compartments for small items and make it easy to go through TSA screenings.

Alchemy Goods Elliot Travel Kit ($38)
KomalC Genuine Buffalo Leather Toiletry Bag ($34.99)

13) Annual planner

Help your clients start of 2019 in organized fashion by gifting a nice annual planner. Even though many people use digital calendars and apps to keep track of things, the deluge of information can make this complicated. An old-fashioned paper planner helps clients keep track of the really important information. Some planners include space for journaling and contacts.

Panda Planner Pro ($37.97)
Papercode Simple Elephant Planner ($18.99)

14) Coffee table book

For a gift that’s personalized yet professional, a coffee table book is a great choice. For an individualized touch, select a book that fits your client’s interests.

Humans of New York by Brandon Stanton ($16.66)
The Atlas of Beauty: Women of the World in 500 Portraits by Mihaela Noroc ($16.93)
Bibliophile: An Illustrated Miscellany by Jane Mount (15.18)



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