The 10 Most Beneficial Sales Podcasts

A critical component of being a successful salesperson is further honing your sales skills. Sales podcasts will not only help you learn great sales strategies, but they’ll also help direct your thinking to your own career development and your specific responsibilities within your team.

There are lots of different sales podcasts out there, but here are 10 of our favorites:


Stories From the Sales Floor


This entertaining podcast is hosted by Ben Sardella of Datanyze and Brandon Redlinger of PersistIQ. They explore personal stories from the top sales professionals, pioneers and thought leaders in the startup sales community. Jokingly described as being invited to a three-martini lunch, Stories From the Sales Floor gives listeners a backstage pass into accounts and stories that have never been told before. This refreshing take on sales is educational, inspiring and entertaining.

Listen directly on Soundcloud.


The Official SaaStr Podcast

Sasstr Podcast

SaaStr is first known to many for its successful website and annual SaaS conference, and they’ve now ventured into the world of podcasts. They interview the most prominent operators and investors to get a better understanding of their tips, tactics and strategies used to obtain success in the SaaS world. On the investor side, they dig into what metrics investors hone in on when examining a SaaS business, what metrics get them excited and what they look for in SaaS founders. For the operators, they focus on learning how to get from $0 to $100M ARR fast, what it takes to scale successfully and the core element of hiring.

Listen to The Official SasStr Podcast on iTunes.


The Ultimate Sales Hustle


Not only does Steli Efti run a great blog at, he also runs’s sales podcast. Recording from Silicon Valley, Stefi talks sales tactics, strategies and stories with Hiten Shah. Uploading new podcasts every few days, they’re on Episode 106 currently. The blog has videos, written posts and extra materials related to each podcast episode so you’ll get all the intel possible on each topic.

Head over to Soundcloud to listen to episodes.




If you’re looking to improve your analytical skills, Ramp is your resource. A product of InsightSquared, the podcast explores stories about how people use data to transform and grow their business. Cara Hogan hosts and interviews thought leaders, sales experts and data analysts to better understand how analytics can ramp up your SaaS business.

Ramp can be listened to on Soundcloud.


Bowery Capital Startup Sales Podcast


Bowery Capital’s Sales Podcast focuses on helping portfolio companies with sales related challenges. They speak with industry friends to help younger startups better understand the issues and pain points they’ll face in early revenue generation.

Their podcast is great not only for founders and CEOs but for VPs of Sales that are tasked with building out a sales team and strategizing for revenue in the long term. They publish a new podcast every week, so you’ll always have something new to learn about and gain insight on. Download and listen on

Download and listen on iTunes.


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Sales Gravy


Jeb Blount takes more of a seminar approach to his podcast, going in-depth on specific sales topics over the course of a long-form interview. It’s part lecture, part interview, and 100% educational. Jeb gets incredibly insightful guests and does a fantastic job of getting great content out of them.

Listen to episodes on podbay.


In the Arena


Host Anthony Iannarino has a wildly popular blog and in this podcast he chats with top sales leaders from all over. Topics range from sales culture and sales management to customer service and going beyond the sales process.

Listen to episodes on his blog.




Andy Paul delivers actionable strategy and insights gathered from experts in sales, marketing and leadership. Just take a look at his category column and you’ll see he covers everything from demand generation and cold calling to introverts in sales and millennials. You’ll also get to listen to something new every day with Paul, as a new podcast is uploaded daily.

Listen on his website.


Ambition: The Sales Influencer Series


Ambition’s podcast series interviews leaders in the community on the cutting edge of sales and marketing. Director of Marketing at Ambition, Jeremy Boudinet interviews various leaders and gets insights on topics like B2B prospecting, sales training and coaching and sales meetings.

Listen on Soundcloud.


The Advanced Selling Podcast


Bryan Neale and Bill Caskey host this bi-weekly educational sales podcast with topics such as complex enterprise sales tactics, sales psychology and social media development.

ASP is dangerously efficient with most episodes lasting just about 15 minutes. Bryan and Bill open with some funny small talk, and then quickly get into the topic at hand. Their format flips between expert interviews and answering questions from their listeners.

Listen on their site.


These sales podcasts are great for anyone looking to improve their sales skills and learn more about the startup sales industry. Check a few of these out and see which ones are the most helpful for you. Let us know in the comments which ones are your favorites!

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